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Treatment Services

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Eat well. Good nutrition alone may decrease the risk of your cancer returning. Eat at least 5 serving of fruits and vegetables a day. Choose whole grains, looking for the term “100% whole grain” on packages of bread, pasta, and cereal. Aim for a lower-fat diet. Limit saturated fats, found in meat and dairy products; and trans fats, found in many fast foods and baked goods. Eat less red meat (beef, lamb, and pork) and processed foods (hotdogs, bacon, and cold cuts). Limit your alcohol intake to no more than 1 drink/day for women and 2 for men. Consider talking with a dietitian, especially if you need to gain weight or lose weight at the end of treatment. Some survivors have a tendency to gain weight and this can lead to a worse outcome in certain cancers. Strive to achieve and maintain a healthy weight in survivorship.

Eat well.

Get moving! Exercise helps so many issues in survivorship. Regular physical activity has been shown to decrease stress, anxiety, depression, pain, and fatigue. It can improve sleep, mood, mobility,strength, flexibility, and range of motion. It’s even been shown to decrease recurrence and increasesurvival in some cancers. Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise at least 5 days a week. Activities such as gardening, walking briskly, climbing stairs, and swimming are all considered moderate exercise. Make sure you get clearance from your doctor before you start an exercise program.

Get moving!

Avoid risky behaviors . If you smoke, try to stop. There are smoking cessation classes available in thecommunity. There are also online programs to help you quit. Avoid unprotected sex and exposure to viruses. Avoid excessive sun exposure. Wear a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Apply it at least 20 minutes before getting in the sun and reapply every two hours or after getting wet.

Avoid risky behaviors

Learn the long-term and late effects of your treatment and know how to monitor yourself for early signs. Keep your follow-up appointments with your oncologist and your primary care doctor. Learn how to communicate with your health care team, and make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to your follow-up plan.

Learn the long-term and late effects of your treatment

Part of becoming an informed survivor is learningwhat you need and where to get it. Your cancer doctor(oncologist) and your primary care doctor are your bestresources for questions about your physical health.Learn how to talk with your doctors. Consider writing downyour questions before each visit and record your doctors’answers. Between visits, make notes about any newsigns or symptoms you notice. Ask your doctorswhowill be responsible for your follow up care and how youroncologist plans to monitor you for cancer recurrence ora second cancer.

The Jeffersonian school has coalesced around the problem of lax antitrust enforcement in the United States, and competition promotion more generally. The Open Markets Institute (OMI), kicked out of the New America foundation for being too hostile to Google, has led the charge. Leaders at OMI, like Matt Stoller and Barry Lynn, argue that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) should break up Facebook and establish Instagram and WhatsApp as competing social networks. Lina Khan, also at OMI, has written an exhaustive critique of Amazon’s gigantism that is already one of the Yale Law Journal ’s most downloaded articles. The emphasis on subsidiarity in Catholic Social Thought is also a font of decentralist theory, often invoked by conservatives to protect the autonomy of local authorities and civil society institutions.

The Hamiltonians include traditional centrists (like Rob Atkinson, who recently coauthored Big Is Beautiful with Michael Lind), as well as voices on both ends of the political spectrum. Recapitulating Schumpeter’s praise of monopoly as a spur to growth, Peter Thiel’s Zero to One is a paean to monopoly power, justifying its perquisites as the just and necessary reward for dramatic innovation. On the left, Evgeny Morozov does not want to see the data stores of the likes of Google and Facebook scattered to a dozen different versions of these services. Rather, he argues, they are natural monopolies: they get better and better at each task they take on when they have access to more and more pooled data from all the tasks they perform. The ultimate Left logic here is toward fully automated luxury communism, in which massive firms use machine learning and 3-d printing to solve hunger, save the environment, and Vans Authentic Pool Vibesaqua Sea/True White BZ52F7M7w
. Left centralizers also argue that problems as massive as climate change can only be solved by a Hamiltonian approach .

The Jeffersonian and Hamiltonian visions lead to very different policy recommendations in the tech space. Jeffersonians want to end Google’s acquisition spree , full stop. They believe the firm has simply gotten too powerful. But even some progressive regulators might wave through Google’s purchase of Waze (the traffic monitoring app), however much it strengthens Google’s power over the mapping space, in hopes that the driving data may accelerate its development of self-driving cars. The price of faster progress may be the further concentration of power in Silicon Valley. To Jeffersonians, though, it is that very concentration (of power, patents, and profits) in megafirms that deters small businesses from taking risks to develop breakthrough technologies.

Facebook’s dominance in social networking raises similar concerns. Privacy regulators in the United States and Europe are investigating whether Facebook did enough to protect user data from third-party apps, like the ones that Cambridge Analytica and its allies used to harvest data on tens of millions of unsuspecting Facebook users. Note that Facebook itself clamped down on third-party access to data it gathered in 2013, in part thanks to its worries that other firms were able to construct lesser, but still powerful, versions of its famous “social graph”—the database of intentions and connections that makes the social network so valuable to advertisers.

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University of Washington
UW School of Medicine III Requirement

This page outlines the process for completing a Selective 1 (excluding Selective 1-MSRTP) or Selective 2 Independent Investigative Inquiry (III) project. Visit the Selective 1-MSRTP page for instructions about completing the Medical Student Research Training Program type of Selective 1.

Step One:Determine a Project and Find a Faculty Sponsor

Selective 1 : these data gathering or hypothesis-driven inquiry projects take the form of a basic laboratory study, a survey, secondary analysis of an existing data set, a chart review, a qualitative study, or a prospective clinical trial. The student has an independent role and makes an intellectual contribution to the project.

Research may be undertaken under a funded program such as INSIGHT (Injury Research Internship Program), MSTAR (Medical Student Training in Aging Research), Chinese Laundry Kristin Cavallari Womens Largo Open Back Sandal Mushroom Leather HJalMTNM0
, and other UWSOM-approved fellowships. Learn about Research Funding Options .

Selective 2 : students undertake a critical review of the literature (also called a Systematic Literature Review), posing an unresolved scientific question relevant to the practice of clinical medicine, and attempting to answer that question from evidence published in the medical literature. A critical review can take other forms as well, such as the analysis of an issue in health policy or biomedical ethics, or an historical investigation.

Students choosing a Selective 1 or 2 will work with a faculty sponsor. A regular or clinical faculty member in any healthcare-related department at any WWAMI university is eligible to be a sponsor.

Sponsor responsibilities include guiding the student throughout the process of her/his research project, including evaluating the plan, supplying a support statement, signing the proposal, and critiquing and approving the final product.

Faculty mentors must be:

Ideally, the faculty mentor will also be:

Feel free to ask your Foundations faculty or your College mentorfor suggestionsof colleagues who may be interested in serving as the sponsor for your III project. You might also want to consult FOR U DESIGNS Men Sport Canvas Shoes High Top Flat Sneakers For Trainer Hz0041ak Z9F3NBtzV
and faculty interest databases.

Step Two: Submit Your Proposal

You are required to submit a proposal that outlines the specifics of your research. If you are awarded a grant or fellowship, such as an INBRE or T-32 award, you must still submit a proposal prior to beginning your research.

Submit a completed III proposal for review and approval by the March 31st Ariat Womens Heritage X Toe Wingtip Western Cowboy Boot Natural White/Golden Tan g1Usk0ZT
. Please note that the faculty sponsor section of the proposal requires your sponsor’ssignature. A notification will be sent to you when your proposal has been approved.

Step Three: Conduct Your Research!

For nine weeks over the summer between your first and second years, you will be in research mode. You’ll follow the tasks and methods that you outlined in your proposal. Hopefully, you’ve also structured your time to allow for a couple of weeks of rr at the end of summer before classes begin again!

Step Four: Poster Session, Final Paper, and Faculty Evaluation*

Students who matriculated in autumn 2017 (E-17s) completing a Selective 1 project are required to present a poster at their regional Medical Student Poster Session held in autumn quarter of their second year. Selective 2 students are encouraged, but not required, to present a poster at the Poster Session.

E-17 Selective 2 students must write a final paper and obtain a faculty evaluation . OLIVIA K Womens Mary Jane Ballet Flat Quilted Comfort Casual Shoe Easy Velcro Slip On Black Pu 4TgGHa
and evaluations aredue in the middle of Marchof the second year. The student must be the sole author of the paper submitted for III credit, even if the student has collaborated with another student or faculty member. Students are free to revise their papers after submitting them if, for example, there are plans to present the paper for publication under joint authorship at a later date. Papers used to fulfill requirements for other courses will not be accepted.

Your sponsor must review and evaluate your final paperand then submit a faculty evaluation. Be sure to send your sponsor your paper withenough time for review before the submission deadline. Final papers and faculty evaluation forms are sent to the Curriculum office .

* N OTE : E-16 students completing either a Selective 1 or a Selective 2 project must write a final paper and obtain a faculty evaluation by March 15, 2018 .

Questions? Please contact Curriculum .

if working with human subjects/vertebrate animals/patient data/tissue samples:
Discovery Elementary School
Dr. Erin Russo, Principal 5241 North 36th Street Arlington, VA 22207 Reception: 703.228.2685 Attendance: 703.228.2789
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