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African Arguments

Eritrea Politics
By Easemax Womens Sexy Pointed Toe Suede Stiletto Kitten Heels Ankle Strap Buckle Sandals Pink K8TiNw6Em
March 7, 2018
The death of a respected elder while in jail has prompted an outpouring of grief and anger on the streets of Asmara.

Screenshot from a video of the recent protest in Asmara, Eritrea.

Last week, the respected elder Hajji Musa Mohammednur inspired aggrieved crowds in Eritrea ‘s capital and shook the confidence of the regime. This was the second, and last, time he will have done so in the past few months.

This first occasion was when the well-known Eritrean figure was Casey Flat Red Z5TTDnS1M
last October. The 93-year-old had recently criticised a government decree to nationalise Al Diaa Islamic School, whose board he chaired. His detention was one of the triggers that prompted Birkenstock Arran Womens Sandals Sky Suede ICn5oE
to take to Asmara’s streets in an uncommon show of defiance a few days later, leading to a brutal crackdown.

Speaking to parents and teachers before his arrest, Mohammednur had said he was prepared to sacrifice his life in resisting the state’s plan.The second time he stirred people to mobilise was last week when he did just that.

Mohammednur’s condition deteriorated during the months of his incarceration. In December, his poor health reportedly prompted the office of President Isaias Afwerki to instruct that he be released and put under house arrest. The nonagenarian refused to leave prison unless those arrested along with him were also let out. “You can carry my dead body out of here, but I am not leaving alone,” he is reported to have said.He died a few months later.

When family members went to collect Mohammednur’s body and bring it to the mosque for prayer, witnesses say they were joined by thousands more who wanted to pay their respects.On 3 March, the community leader’s funeral was held. The procession quickly escalated into an angry demonstration. Sources say some people threw stones at the police, who opened fire in an attempt to disperse the crowds as defiant youth carried the coffin through the streets. There have not been reports of casualties, but residents of the capital claim warning shots could be heard until late in the evening.

Witnesses say Asmara has been tense in the days since. In one of the world’s most repressive countries, they claim that fully-equipped anti-mob police have been deployed and that there have been several arrests. An opposition news-site suggests close to a thousand people have been Dearfoams Womens Mixed Material Thong Slipper Driftwood Microfiber Suede qfxMe9
. Sources within the police forces say stations are on emergency alert.

To run spell checker on Linux box you should install it first:

Changelog update BOC Womens Kristen Cream Pu 2WuFEodI2

The file is managed using Beacon Womens Adult Sofwear Stroller synthetic Flats Shoes Complements Exclusives Taupe FuRJgt7tJb
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To add an entry to the news file, first you need to have created an issue describing the change you want to make. A Pull Request itself function as such, but it is preferred to have a dedicated issue (for example, in case the PR ends up rejected due to code quality reasons).

Once you have an issue or pull request, you take the number and you create a file inside of the directory named after that issue number with an extension of , , , or . Thus if your issue or PR number is and this change is fixing a bug, then you would create a file . PRs can span multiple categories by creating multiple files (for instance, if you added a feature and deprecated/removed the old feature at the same time, you would create and ). Likewise if a PR touches multiple issues/PRs you may create a file for each of them with the exact same contents and will deduplicate them.

The contents of this file are formatted text that will be used as the content of the news file entry. You do not need to reference the issue or PR numbers here as will automatically add a reference to all of the affected issues when rendering the news file.

Making a Pull Request Fergalicious Womens Lundry WC Western Boot Black QCVKsu1

After finishing all steps make a Cambridge Select Womens Open Toe TStrap Lattice Cutout Buckled Ankle Chunky Block Heel Sandal Black Nbpu 6GHM2
Pull Request with base branch.


All Pull Requests are created against git branch.

If the Pull Request is not a new functionality but bug fixing to maintenance branch would be desirable.

project committer may ask for making a of the PR into maintained branch(es), in this case he or she adds a github label like .

Find for cherry-picking.

does PRs on merging, so open your PR page on github and scroll down to message like . is the required commit number.

Run cherry_picker tool for making backport PR (the tool is already pre-installed from ), e.g. .

In case of conflicts fix them and continue cherry-picking by .

stops the process.

shows current cherry-picking status (like )

After all conflicts are done the tool opens a New Pull Request page in a browser with pre-filed information. Create a backport Pull Request and wait for review/merging.

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How to become an aiohttp committer


The easiest way is providing Pull Requests for issues in our bug tracker. But if you have a great idea for the library improvement – please make an issue and Pull Request.

The rules for committers are simple:

After positive answer aiohttp committer creates an issue on github with the proposal for nomination. If the proposal will collect only positive votes and no strong objection – you’ll be a new member in our team.

Async HTTP client/server for asyncio and Python

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Qualifying for Cannabis

To qualify for low-THC or Medical cannabis, patients must meet certain criteria:

Qualifying Criteria

Patients must also meet the following criteria:

Getting Started

Finding a Physician

A list of physicians authorized to order medical cannabis in Florida is available through the Florida Department of Health. Fabulicious 5 Inch Heel 3/4 Inch Platform Slide Clear/Black EMHzbE08
to find a physician near you or contact your Patient Care Team at 1-833-254-4877.

Placing an Order

An authorized physician must register a qualifying patient into the Office of Medical Marijuana Use Registry. If a legal guardian is required, the physician must also enter in their information as well. The physician will also enter an order into the Registry, including recommended dosage and amount to be dispensed.

Patients or legal representatives must obtain a Registry Identification Card by submitting an application to the Office of Medical Marijuana Use.

Once a patient has received their Registry Identification Card, they may fill his or her order by visiting a State licensed dispensary. For patients’ convenience, Aphria offers direct home delivery. To schedule a delivery, please call 1-833-254-4877 or email

Patients or legal representative must present their state issued Registry Identification card to the dispensing organization at time of pick up or delivery.

Scheduling Delivery

Aphria cannabis products are available throughout Florida by delivery to your residence or business. Patients or legal representative must present their state issued Registry Identification card to the dispensing organization at time of pick up or delivery. Depending on distance, a delivery fee may be charged. Please call or email to schedule a delivery. To better serve your needs, we will soon be opening dispensaries in major metropolitan areas across the state.

Medical Cannabis Discount Program

Aphria believes that all qualified patients should have access to affordable medical cannabis to relieve their medical conditions. The company is committed to treating all patients with compassion, respect, and dignity regardless of socioeconomic, disability, or health status. Aphria offers discounts to help patients who meet specified eligibility criteria obtain access to our high-quality medical cannabis products.

10% Discount and Free Delivery

✓ Aphria will confirm that no prior medical cannabis orders for the patient have been filled by the company in the state of Florida based on information in the Aphria customer database or Florida Medical Marijuana Use Registry

10% Discount

✓ Military identification card ✓ Veteran identification card or veteran designation on Florida driver license

10% Discount

✓ Proof of current enrollment in a federal or state program that provides financial assistance to the patient (e.g., recent award letter with patient name and social security number on it) ✓ If the patient is a minor, proof of current enrollment in a federal or state program that provides financial assistance to the parent or legal guardian of the patient ✓ Examples of eligible programs in which the patient may be enrolled include: Medicaid, Social Security Disability (SSD), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), or SUNCAP Food Assistance Program

● Participation in the discount program is based on the patient’s financial status or military status, not that of his or her caregiver. ● If the patient is a minor, participation in the discount program is based on the financial status or military status of the parent or legal guardian of the patient. ● If the patient’s need for financial assistance or the status of their enrollment in a financial assistance program changes, the patient must report these changes to Aphria as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Decision Resources Group

DRG is the premier provider of healthcare analytics, data and insight products and services to the worlds leading pharmas, biotech and medical technology companies.

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